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Refracting Telescopes for Land Viewing VT309060 60mm 30x-90x land scope built in zoom $155AUD OP80900 80mm x 900mm Brass/Rosewood $910AUD SW707 70mm x 700 AZ2 altitude adjustment $155AUD SW708 70mm x 500mm AZ3 slow motion tracking $215AUD SW709 70mm x 900mm AZ3 slow motion tracking $265AUD SW80 80mm x 400mm AZ3 slow motion tracking $375AUD SW909 90mm x 900 AZ3 slow motion tracking $315AUD SW102 102mm x 510mm AZ3 Slow motion tracking $470AUD SW120 120mm x 600mm AZ3 slow motion tracking $635AUD Refracting Telescopes for Astronomy SWAT-809 80mm x 900 Auto Track Mount $510AUD SWAT-804 80mm x 400 Auto Track Mount $495AUD SW675 70mm x 900mm EQ1 Equatorial $250AUD SW300 90mm x 900mm EQ2 Equatorial $420AUD SW1000 102mm x 1000mm EQ3-2 Equatorial $745AUD SW380 120mm x 1000mm EQ5 Equatorial $1055AUD SW380-S 120mm x 600mm EQ5 Equatorial $1015AUD SW1200 150mm x 1200mm WQ6 HD Equatorial $2335AUD Equinox Series Refracting Telescopes for Astronomy SW-EQD66 66mm x 400mm F/6 ED APO Refractor 1.25" Focuser $965AUD SW-EQD80 80mm x 500mm F/6.25 APO Refractor 1.25"/2" Focuser $1398AUD Equinox D100mm $POR Equinox D120mm $POR Reflecting Telescopes for Astronomy SW076 76mm x 700mm AZ2 Altazimuth mount $135AUD SW450 114mm x 900mm EQ1 Equatorial $295AUD SW135 130mm x 1000mm EQ2 Catadioptric EQ $430AUD SW500 150mm x 1000mm EQ3-2 Paraboloidal mirror $545AUD SW500c 150mm x 1000mm EQ3-2 Cat. Short tube $730AUD SW600 200mm x 1000mm EQ5 Paraboloidal mirror $920AUD SW252 254mm x 1200mm EQ6 can upgrade to GO-TO $2225AUD SKYWATCHER WEBSITE Skyscan GO-TO Telescopes for Astronomy SW1200sky 150mm x 1200mm EQ6 Go-To refractor $3475AUD SW252sky 254mm x 1200mm EQ6 Go-To reflector $3560AUD SW380-S-sky 120mm x 600mm HEQ5 Go-To refractor $2035AUD SW600-sky 200mm x 1000mm HEQ5 Go-To refractor $2170AUD Skywatcher Pro Series Go-To Telescopes 1 & 2 Star Alignment PROED80-SKY ED refractor, 2” diagonal, aluminum case, sky scan pro 5 Go-To mount, steel tripod 80mm x 600 refractor $2725AUD PROED100-SKY ED refractor, 2” diagonal, sky scan pro 5 Go-To mount, steel tripod 100mm x 900mm refractor $3405AUD PROED120-SKY ED refractor, 2” diagonal, sky scan pro 5 Go-To mount, steel tripod 120mm x 900mm refractor $5298AUD PROMAK150-SKY 150MM maksutov, sky scan pro 5 Go-To mount, steel tripod 150mm x 1800mm $2725AUD PROMAK180-SKY 7” (180mm) Maksutov, sky scan pro 5 Go-To mount, steel tripod 180mm x 2700mm $3395AUD OPTICAL TUBE ASSEMBLYS SW1000-OTA 102mm X 1000mm $410AUD SW380-S-OTA 120mm x 600mm $410AUD SW1200-OTA 150mm x 1200mm $1010AUD SW15075-OTA 150mm x 750mm $720AUD SW600-OTA Reflector 200mm x 1000mm $545AUD SW252-OTA Reflector 254mm x 1200mm $1080AUD SWED80 Refractor 80mm x 600mm ED Glass $675AUD SWED100-OTA Refractor 100mm x 900mm ED Glass $1265AUD MAK90SP-OTA Maksutov 90mm x 1250mm with standard Tripod Socket $340AUD MAK127SP-OTA Maksutov 127mm x 1500mm complete with Diagonal, Eyepieces, Finder & Tripod Socket $595AUD PROED80-OTA ED refractor, 2” diagonal 80mm x 600mm $1095AUD PROED100 - OTA ED refractor, 2” diagonal 100mm x 900mm $1775AUD PROED120 - OTA ED refractor, 2” diagonal 120mm x 900mm $4099AUD PROMAK150 - OTA ED refractor, 2” diagonal 150mm x 1800mm $1155AUD PROMAK180 - OTA 7” (180mm) Maksutov, 1.25” diagonal 180mm x 2700mm $1835AUD Tube Rings SWRING - 7090 For 70, 76, 80 & 90mm tubes. Please specify $35AUD SWRING-102120 For 102mm & 120mm tubes. Please specify $35AUD SWRING-114 For 114mm tubes $35AUD SWRING-130140 For 130mm & 140mm tubes.Please specify $35AUD SWRING-150 For 150mm tubes $40AUD SWRING-200 For 200mm tubes $45AUD SWRING-254 For 254mm tubes $60AUD Dobsonian Telescopes for Astronomy SW580 153mm x 1200mm with friction control $335AUD SW680 203mm x 1200mm with friction control $399AUD SW880 254mm x 1200mm with friction control $790AUD Maksutov - Cassegrain Telescopes for Astronomy SWAT-MAK80 80mm x 1000mm Auto Track Mount $520AUD MAK90EQ1 90mm x 1250mm Equatorial mount $405AUD MAK102EQ2 102mm x 1300mm Equatorial mount $565AUD MAK127EQ3 127mm x 1540mm Equatorial mount $935AUD MAK150HEQ5 150mm x 1800mm HEQ5 Mount $1890AUD Optex Newtonian Telescopes for Astronomy OP500 150mm x 750mm Equatorial mount $1019AUD OP600 200mm x 800mm Equatorial mount $1339AUD SKYWATCHER WEBSITE Aluinium Telescope Cases ED80-CASE $115AUD ED100-CASE $130AUD MAK150-CASE $135AUD
AZ3MNT Deluxe alt-azimuth with slow motion on both axes $160AUD Terrestrial viewing Altitude/Azimuth Mount. Suited to large binoculars and spotting scopes. It features slow motion control cables on both axes, allowing horizontal and vertical operation. EQ3-2 Deluxe equatorial $370AUD EQ3GOTO-MNT Dual Axis Equatorial Mount $1170AUD EQ3-UPGRADE GOTO Upgrade for EQ3 $805AUD EQ5MNT Deluxe equatorial. Pay loads to 10kg $460AUD The EQ5MNT provides the precision and stability needed for serious observing. With single or double axis motor drive attached, it becomes the perfect instrument for deep-sky photography. Standard features of the EQ5 include a built-in holder for polar scope, a latitude adjuster with micrometer scale, an azimuth polar-alignment adjuster, aluminum setting circles, large manual slow-motion tracking controls, and a bubble level. EQ5MNTST As above with stainless steel legs $470AUD EQ5GOTO-MNT EQ5 GOTO Mount $1305AUD PRO5MNT-SKY GOTO Equatorial Mount with 17kg payload capacity $1645AUD EQ5-UPGRADE GOTO Upgrade for EQ5 $855AUD HEQ5MNT Heavy duty deluxe equatorial. Motorized Pay loads up to 17kg $920AUD This heavy-duty mount is a smaller version of the sturdy EQ6 mount. It is specially designed for observers who need the steadiness of the EQ6 mount, but find the EQ6 mount too physically demanding. Like the EQ6 mount, this high-precision equatorial mount features engraved aluminum setting circles and a latitude scale, built-in polarscope for both North and Southern Hemisphere use, large R.A. and DEC. locking clamps, electric slow-motion controls on both axes, and retractable counterweight shaft and counterweight. The proposed strong and rigid field tripod is remarkably stable with adjustable height, incorporating 38mm-diameter steel tripod legs. PRO5-SKY-UPGRADE Go-To upgrade kit for your HEQ5MNT includes new motors, hand control,battery pack etc. $970AUD EQ6MNT Pay loads to 25kg. Can be Go-To with upgrade kit $1330AUD The Sky-watcher EQ6 Heavy-Duty Equatorial Mount is the first of its kind, it is a precision instrument capable of carrying massive loads but at the same time it is very reasonably priced. The EQ6 equatorial head has a black powder coating finish and weighs 17 Kg. It comes equipped with a removable counterweight shaft with a diameter of 18 mm. The Equatorial head also features a built in polar finder scope, Northern & Southern Hemispheres, with focusing eyepiece. The polar finder is non-illuminated. However, several after-market illuminators fit the mount perfectly, making this upgrade easy and very cost effective. Both axis are locked down with 2 robust hand clamps. The height of the mount from tripod support to the top of the saddle plate is 406mm. The lowest possible height with the tripod 1179mm and the maximum extendable height with the tripod is 1714mm. The saddle plate on the top of the mount accepts generic dovetail bars made by Sky-Watcher and many other companies. The dovetail bar is held securely by dual hand clamps. Setting circles are provided on both axes. The mount is equipped with a built-in dual axis drives. The drives are controlled by a hand paddle with a switch for both Northern and Southern hemisphere operation and slewing speeds of 2x, 8x, and 16x the Sidereal rate. The tripod is made from stainless steel and has tubular legs making for a very sturdy system. The tripod is adjustable in height from 85 cm to 147cm using quick release clamps on each leg. The weight of the tripod is 7.4 Kg. An accessory tray is also provided which also adds overall stability to the mount. Two (2) counterweights are included, each weighing 5.4 kg. Out of the box, the EQ6 is designed to accommodate telescope payloads up to 25 Kg and is excellent for visual observations and short term unguided CCD imaging with most telescopes of conventional design. EXTUBEQ6 “Pillar Extension tube for EQ6MNT $70AUD SKY-UPGRADE Go-To upgrade kit for your EQ6 mount! Includes new motors, hand control,battery pack etc $1035AUD EQ6MNT-SKY (Black) Full Go-To, 13, 436 objects, M, NGC, IC, Computer compatible, auto-guider compatible, SS tripod, stepper motors $2285AUD EQ6 PRO Mount AS ABOVE in White $2285AUD SKYWATCHER WEBSITE
ST16-48x65a 65mm 16x-48x multi coated zoom $275AUD ST20-60x80a 80mm 20x-60x multi coated zoom $375AUD ST22-67x100a 100mm 22.5x-67.5x mc zoom $590AUD SW-DIGISPOT 70mm Digital Spotter, 2" Screen, 14x+4x Digital, 3 Mega Pixel Resolution, Video Cable $850AUD
OPCOIN-BINO 25x & 40X x 100mm water-proof $3995AUD
WHITADAP-AZ3 Allows Scope Mounting to fit 1/4" W/W thread $28AUD SYNCONTROL Upgradeable GOTO Hand Controller $618AUD EQ1-Drive Single axis 9v variable speed for EQ1 mount $70AUD This economical single axis (R.A.) DC motor drives are designed to compensate for the earth’s rotation. Their rotation speed matches the earth’s rotation rate for stars to appear stationary in telescope eyepiece. With the 9 volt alkaline battery (included) installed, it lasts up to 40 hours. EQ2-Drive Single axis 9v variable speed for EQ2 mount $70AUD EQ2-Drive-DLX Single axis separate battery pack & controller $99AUD Deluxe motor drive for EQ-2 Equatorial Mounts with separate battery pack & separate hand controller. EQ3-Drive Dual axis, hand control, battery pack for EQ3-2 $260AUD EQ3RA-DRIVE Single Axis RA Drive for EQ3 Mount $99AUD EQ5-Drive Dual axis, hand control, battery pack, for EQ5 $260AUD These dual axis motor drives, designed for EQ3-2 and EQ5 mounts, are essential in long-explosure astrophotography. They precisely control the telescope’s tracking speed to compensate for the earth’s rotation during long exposure of celestial objects. Available in 2x, 4x, and 8x speeds through the Hand Controller. These DC motor drives run on 4 “D” cell batteries (not included). Motors for both axes, clutches, cables, hand controller, and battery case are included. EQ5RA-DRIVE Single Axis RA Drive for EQ5 Mount $99AUD OPDRIVE Deluxe 12v with hand control, battery pack OP mods $240AUD 12 volt motor drive with hand controller to suit Optiex telescopes. SWPOLAR-6 Polar Scope for EQ6 Mount $65 SWGPS GPS Module for the SynScan Handsets. PC compatible also $245AUD SWDOVETAIL-2 20cm Dovetail Plate $32AUD SWDOVETAIL-2 30cm Dovetail Plate $40AUD EXTUBEEQ6 “Pillar” extension for EQ6MNT $92AUD SKYWATCHER WEBSITE
SWFINDER Variable brightness “red dot” finder scope $45AUD The Red Dot Finder is a zero magnification pointing tool that uses a coated glass window to superimpose the image of a small red dot onto the night sky, showing where the telescope is pointed. It is equipped with a variable brightness control, azimuth adjustment control, and altitude adjustment control. To use the Finder, simply look through the sight tube and move your telescope until the red dot merges with the object. SWCOLL Collimation eyepiece, Newtonian users, this is for you $60AUD SWLIGHT Torch with red light, preserves night vision $25AUD OPFILTER Filter Set - Wratten Nos. 12, 21, 25, 56 for photography $60AUD OPFILTER-2 Filter Set - Wratten Nos. 8,23A, 47, 80A $60AUD OPFILKIT-L Eyepiece & filter set 6.3mm, 15mm, 32mm OPFILTER, 2x barlow, moon filter,aluminum case $199AUD OPFILTER-4EP Set 4mm, 6.3mm, 15mm, 32mm Eyepieces, OPFILTER, 2XBAR, OPMOON, Aluminium Case, SWLIGHT $220AUD Barlow, Erecting Lenses & Diagonals OPBAR-50 2x barlow for 50mm (2”) eyepieces $99AUD SWBARCAM 2x Barlow lens with “T” thread, needs T Mount $70AUD Used with telescopes with 31.7mm drawtubes. 2x Barlow lens SWBARCAM has T-mount thread for adapting to SLR camera mounts. Doubles the power of eyepieces. Versatile Kit! OPBAR 2x barlow lens, doubles your magnifying power $40AUD As above but without camera adaptor. SWERECT Erecting lens, for most refractors & Newtonians $40AUD These erecting eyepieces are especially useful for terrestrial viewing. They produce a fully corrected image from top to bottom and left to right. They work on most refracting and Newtonian reflector telescopes that accept 31.7mm eyepieces. SW10ERECT Erecting eyepiece 10mm for refractors & Newtonians $40AUD OPERECT 45degree erecting diagonal land viewing for refractors $60AUD Produces a fully correct image from top to bottom and left to right, in a very compact package. Ideal for land viewing when used, in place of a “star” diagonal, on a refracting telescope using 31.7mm eye-pieces (Doesn’t work on Newtonian Reflector). SKYWATCHER WEBSITE Photographic Adaptors for Film & Digital Cameras OPPCAM adaptor for SLR cameras, requires a T mount $38AUD Fit your popular SLR camera, by T Mount, to any telescope that uses 31.7mm eyepieces. These adapters incorporate the eyepiece and use the “projection” method of photography. This method utilizes the magnification determined by the eyepiece. CCD Cameras for Telescopes Economical CCD digital images in 24 bit video format. These CCD cameras allow live viewing to your computer screen and are powered by USB cable 5V. SWCCD-TELE fits any 31.7mm Drawtube by replacing the eyepiece. SWCCD-SPOT designed for Skywatcher spotting scopes and also replace the eyepiece. Philips ToUcam - most sort after imaging camera for telescopes $155AUD Adaptor $45AUD Many more cameras to choose from! SWCCD-Tele 24 bit colour video! For Telescopes $110AUD SWCCD-Spot 24 bit colour video! For Skywatcher spotting scopes $125AUD SKYWATCHER WEBSITE Optex & Skywatcher Eyepieces OPP4 4mm 4 element design $45AUD OPP6 6mm 4 element design $45AUD OPP9 9mm 4 element design $50AUD OPP15 15mm 4 element design $50AUD OPP25 25mm 4 element design $75AUD OPP40 40mm 4 element design $75AUD Super Plossl Eyepieces SP6.3 6.3mm 4 element special high contrast design $60AUD SP10 10mm 4 element special high contrast design $60AUD SP12.5 12.5mm 4 element special high contrast design $63AUD SP17 17mm 4 element special high contrast design $65AUD SP20 20mm 4 element special high contrast design $65AUD SP26 26mm 4 element special high contrast design $65AUD SP32 32mm 4 element special high contrast design $70AUD SP40 40mm 4 element special high contrast design $70AUD Long Eye Relief Eyepieces SWLE2 2mm $90AUD SWLE5 5mm $90AUD SWLE9 9mm $90AUD SWLE15 15mm $90AUD SWLE20 20mm $63AUD SWLE25 25mm $63AUD Wide Angle Eyepieces SW6 6mm eye relief 15mm $135AUD SW9 9mm er 15mm $135AUD SW15 15mm er 13mm $135AUD SW20 20 er 18mm $105AUD Zoom Eyepieces SW7-21 7-21mm zoom eyepiece $140AUD SW824 8-24mm zoom eyepiece with T mount thread $140AUD 50mm (2”) Series Eyepieces SW5028 28mm 56° FOV $120AUD SW5035 35mm 56° FOV $135AUD SW5042 42mm 56° FOV $160AUD SKYWATCHER WEBSITE Illuminated Eyepiece SW125ILL-EYE 12.5mm Illuminated Eyepiece $75AUD Telescopes Power Supply SWX912 3,6,9 & 12v, 7 Amp hour capacity, carry handle & strap $85AUD
OP2080 20x80mm BAK4 Prisms & Fully Multi Coated $395AUD OP25100 25x100mm BAK4 Prisms & Fully Multi Coated $495AUD BC825 Compact, fully multi coated, BAK4 prism $119AUD AP8x40 8 x 40 compact, fully multi coated $80AUD BC1025 Compact, fully multi coated, BAK4 prism $126AUD BC1225 Compact, fully multi coated, BAK4 prism $143AUD MZ72125 Compact zoom fully multi coated BAK4 prism $200AUD MZ82430 Compact zoom fully multi coated BAK4 prism $224AUD BC830 Medium compact fully multi coated BAK4 prism $220AUD MC1030 Medium compact fully multi coated BAK4 prism $231AUD BCR825 Compact fully multi coated BAK4 roof prism $84AUD BCR1025 Compact fully multi coated BAK4 roof prism $91AUD WP1026 Water proof ,fmc,bak4 roof prism $118AUD




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